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Speciality packages

Please note, There are limited spots available for these packages. 

Multi-dimensional Ability Activation

(12 Personalised 1 hour Phone Sessions)

This is a transformative journey of multidimensional exploration to activate your innate spiritual gifts and unlock your full range of supernatural abilities. In this program you will access profound wisdom and expand your awareness of interconnectedness. This is all about expanding perception beyond physical boundaries, and strengthening your aura to connect with higher dimensions such as . . .


  • Aligning with the sacred geometric vehicle of light, the Merkabah, for spiritual growth and transformation.


  • Remote viewing to gather valuable insights from distant locations.


  • Enhance spiritual connection and communication abilities through various practices.


  • Using telepathy to communicate through the power of the mind.


  • Contacting and communicating with extraterrestrial entities, including UFO’s, the 22d Council and Council of Galactic Light, as well as fairies, elemental spirits of nature, spirit-inhabited objects, departed souls, and realm guardians.


  • Explore and connect with realms beyond the physical through astral projection and traveling the realms.


  • Discover the vastness of existence and expand consciousness through traveling the realms.


  • Rebuild the chakra system, restoring and balancing energy centers.


  • Shape experiences and reality through affecting and creating time and reality.

potions & health detoxing

(12 Personalised 1 hour Phone Sessions)

Gain the tools you need for a vibrant, balanced life and an elevated energy field.


  • Healing Leaky Gut: Discover effective strategies to address and heal leaky gut, promoting gut health and overall vitality.


  • Detoxing Parasites and Heavy Metals: Learn methods to cleanse your body from parasites and eliminate toxins, particularly heavy metals, for improved health.


  • Superfoods for Elevating Energy Field: Harness the power of superfoods to elevate your energy and raise your vibrational frequency.


  • Superfoods for Mental and Physical Well-being: Explore the healing properties of superfoods for enhancing mental well-being and addressing physical ailments.

goddess & divine feminine empowerment

(15 Personalised 1 hour Phone Sessions)

Step into your divine feminine power and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This 15-session course is designed to help you tap into the essence of the goddess within. Over the course, we will explore the following areas:


  • Tapping into Divine Feminine Energy: Connect with the nurturing, intuitive, and creative power of the divine feminine.


  • Womb Healing: Restore balance and vitality by healing and honoring the sacred space within you.


  • Clearing Codes of Suppression: Release societal and ancestral conditioning that suppresses the expression of your divine feminine energy.


  • Rebirthing the Divine Goddess Within: Awaken and embody your authentic divine feminine essence.


  • Embracing Sacred Sexuality: Cultivate a healthy and sacred relationship with your sexuality as a source of empowerment and self-expression.


  • Tapping into Your Sensual Feminine Self: Rediscover and honor your sensuality, nurturing a deeper connection with your body and self.


  • Finding Balance Between 3D Life and Spiritual Essence: Harmonize your spiritual essence with the demands of everyday life, creating wholeness and alignment.


  • Emotional Decoding: Gain wisdom and clarity by understanding and interpreting the messages encoded within your emotions.


Through these sessions, you will receive valuable insights, tools, and practices to embrace and embody your divine feminine power. This journey will foster self-love, empowerment, and authenticity, allowing you to step fully into your true essence as a goddess.

Lovers in a relationship

(20 Personalised 1 hour Phone Sessions)

Enhance your relationships and cultivate deep soul-to-soul connections in this transformative 20-session course. Over 20 sessions you will discover the keys to creating a fun and fulfilling partnership, as we explore the following areas:


  • Divine Communication: Learn effective techniques for open, honest, and heart-centered communication with your partner.


  • Energetically Connecting with Your Partner: Deepen your energetic connection and intimacy with your loved one.


  • Shadow Work to Clear Blockages: Explore and heal the subconscious patterns and blockages that may be affecting your relationship.


  • Creating a Fun and Happy Relationship: Cultivate joy, playfulness, and happiness in your partnership, fostering a loving and harmonious bond.


  • Embracing Your Partner's Differences: Learn to honor and appreciate the unique qualities and perspectives of your partner.


  • Compromise and Connection: Discover the art of compromise and find mutually beneficial solutions that strengthen your connection.

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